Peridot - Crushed Super Fine Gemstone Powder. Great for Lotions, Creams & Skincare.

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View our particle size diagram for additional details. Super fine is equivalent to "Silt".

Our newest Super Fine powder...

Peridot is a beautiful olive-green gemstone that's rich in magnesium with trace amounts of iron and other minerals. In the Middle Ages, the gemstone was considered to have healing powers and the ability to cure depression and spiritually open the heart. Peridot Super Fine powder has a beautiful greenish hue and will be a great addition to any project.

Our Super Fine powders are very finely milled to the consistency of flour and can be added into your lotions, creams and skincare or with paints or resin. Photo taken in sunlight.

Pep Rocks products are high quality, 100% natural and contain no added filler.  Most crystals or minerals are usually found in nature embedded into the natural rock that holds them (Also known as Matrix). Although we strive to provide a pure product, some particles of matrix may occasionally be found in our products.

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