Lapis Lazuli - Crushed Medium Gemstone Powder. Great for Art, Jewelry, Wood Inlay and Metaphysical uses

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Lapis Lazuli is known as an ancient gem, and a very important one as well; as it used to be used for dyes, and people would trade valuables just to have it. Its gorgeous and deep blue color is what makes it perfect in jewelry, mosaic tiles, vases, amulets, or woodworking inlay, and it’s sure to catch the eye.

In the distant past Lapis Lazuli was used as an ornament for royalty because of its power to stimulate openness to the spirit world. It awakens the third eye chakra, and helps you make a strong connection between yourself and inner knowing. Lapis Lazuli represents self-expression, awareness, and trusting your gut. If you're on a journey of self-discovery, then it will better further your journey and help you master the aspects of yourself. It's great for meditation, since it helps you connect to a higher truth. The enlightenment that will overwhelm you grants an exciting sense of peace, which makes this stone a fantastic remedy for migraines and headaches. Add it in necklaces and jewelry to always keep its strength close by.

Our products are high quality, 100% natural and contain no added filler.  Other vendors may mix cheap filler material or synthetics to reduce cost; We don’t do that!  Most crystals or minerals are usually found in nature embedded into the natural rock that holds them (Also known as Matrix). Although we strive to provide a pure product, some minor particles of matrix may on rare occasions be found in our products.

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