Red Jasper - Crushed Medium Gemstone Powder. Great for Art, Jewelry, Wood Inlay and Metaphysical uses

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Red Jasper is like warm tea for the soul. It's comforting and soothing, and plants the root chakra into the earth's positive and motivating energy. Although it calms, it also energizes. Red Jasper jump-starts the life inside; it gives an adrenaline rush that gets your body moving, especially any part that feels sluggish. By infusing its healing properties into the base and sacral chakras, it aids you in building a strong enough foundation to help you seize opportunities, take chances, take action, and overcome obstacles with newfound strength. It encourages confidence and creativity to help you take the world by storm. The best use for Red Jasper would be in jewelry that is close to the first, second, or third chakras. Which means it’s ideal in wrist/ankle bracelets, rings, and belts.

Our products are high quality, 100% natural and contain no added filler.  Other vendors may mix cheap filler material or synthetics to reduce cost; We don’t do that!  Most crystals or minerals are usually found in nature embedded into the natural rock that holds them (Also known as Matrix). Although we strive to provide a pure product, some minor particles of matrix may on rare occasions be found in our products.

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