Heart Trios Crushed Gemstones Straps

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Energy Bonbons – Crushed Gemstone Straps

Three beautiful Bonbons of positive energy! Take your energy charms with you wherever you go.  Each Bonbon is filled with natural gemstones or crystals, crushed and enhanced to show off their full splendor.  The combination of Bonbons is expertly curated to endow its wearer with both beauty and positivity.  You will surely get many compliments with these charms.

Proudly made in America.  Add them to a purse strap, zipper, button or even to your mobile phone.  We're sure you'll find a multitude of ways to showcase these gems.

Select from three available sets:

The Healer - Amethyst | Carnelian | Malachite  (Purple, Orange, Green)

The Builder - Carnelian | Clear Quartz | Black Obsidian  (Orange, White, Black)

Pax Americana - Red Jasper | Clear Quartz | Lapis Lazuli  (Red, White, Blue)

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