Pyrite - Crushed Coarse Gemstone Sand. Great for Art, Jewelry, Wood Inlay and Metaphysical uses

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Pyrite, also known as fool's gold, represents fortune. Pyrite resembles real gold, and through it you can discover your inner gifts. It overflows with energy of abundance, and it benefits every aspect of life. Pyrite brings good luck and positivity in both personal and business relationships. It also deflects self-limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and any unwanted energy, helping to steer you into a life of success. Pyrite is your very own financial advisor and life coach; it lifts your spirits, and it attracts money and abundance. Pyrite’s beautiful attractive color and shimmer is a perfect addition to any artistic piece you could be working on, whether it is jewelry, a painting, or otherwise.

Our products are high quality, 100% natural and contain no added filler.  Other vendors may mix cheap filler material or synthetics to reduce cost; We don’t do that!  Most crystals or minerals are usually found in nature embedded into the natural rock that holds them (Also known as Matrix). Although we strive to provide a pure product, some minor particles of matrix may on rare occasions be found in our products.

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